Briar Isn't So Scary After All: 6th Graders Advice For Next Year's 6th Graders 
This year's sixth graders have some advice for Meadowlawn fifth graders

briar screen grab

Making the transition from fifth grade as one of the big kids at Meadowlawn Intermediate School to sixth grade at Briar Middle School can be quite daunting. No one knows that more than the current sixth graders at Briar.

So, a few students in Dawn Meyer-Smith’s Personal Development class took it upon themselves to help next year’s sixth graders. They have produced a series of videos offering the Meadowlawn fifth graders insider advice on surviving what can be a scary transition.

“We used to all travel together” from class to class, says Alexcia LeMarca. But, in sixth grade, Briar students have different schedules. Alexcia said that it was worrisome whether she’d make it from class-to-class without being late. She also worried about forgetting her locker combination. And, what about the new dress code Briar students?

Alexcia worked with fellow students Myah Danklefsen, Emily Stewart and Cacee Gibson to produce a pair of videos, one on general advice for fifth graders and a second on dress code do’s and don’t’s – when shorts can be worn, whether hair can be dyed, whether jeans are acceptable and what clothes are not appropriate.

“There is a different set of rules here,” said Keegan Dulaney, who also acknowledged that it can be scary for incoming sixth graders.

Keegan put together videos on what websites and applications they’ll be using on their computers, how students use their computers in class, and when and where computers are needed.

To help incoming students navigate the hallways of Briar, Reagan Kaufman, Seth Garner, Robert Ewing, and Morgan Ohlmacher produced a video on the sixth-grade hallway classrooms, and how to get from there to the cafeteria. That video features a cameo appearance by a local celebrity – Officer Tonya.

Mrs. Smith’s students spent four weeks writing, producing and editing the videos. The students, she said, were the ones who came up with the idea and taught themselves how to use the video editing software.

“It’s totally their project,” Mrs. Smith said.

Here are a few of the videos they produced:

Posted by j_stacklin On 28 March, 2019 at 3:51 PM